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Boz Dmitrovís Pentax Equipment Site

I have used Pentax 35mm cameras for (almost) as long as I can remember. Bozís site is a great place to answer any questions about Pentax.

Hasselblad X-Pan
This is the other 35mm system I use, taking panoramic images on a frame that is 24x65mm rather than the usual 24x36mm.

The luminous Landscape
Michael Reichmannís site is probably the largest and most frequently updated landscape and nature photography resource on the ínet.

British Institute of Professional Photography
The BIPP is the leading professional body for photography in the UK.

ME, CFS, CFIDS: whatever you want to call it
I suffer from ME, which is one reason I do what I do: I can take pictures on the good days, sit at home and catalogue them on the so-so days, and no one but me is let down on the days when I can do nothing at all. I hope this site has shown you that however limited a person may be in some ways, what they can do is far more important than what they canít.