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All images on this web-site are Copyright Peter Boorman, 2003 unless labeled otherwise

What's New?

As I add to this site, new material will be highlighted on this page.

In February 2003 I returned from the desert South-West of the USA, photographing Bryce and Zion National Parks, the Grand Canyon, and many other spectacular places. This is some of the most dramatic scenery in North America, and I will be adding a gallery of images from this trip soon.

As well as this, I shall be adding galleries of archive images of English villages from the 1940s to the Ď60s, and some rare photographs of Latvia, Estonia, and Germany from the early 1930s.

Also to come are galleries of pictures from Iraq and Ecuador, and a gallery dedicated to striking depictions of architectural subjects.

X-Pan Gallery

In response to a question posted on the Usenet newsgroup, Iíve put up a small gallery of X-Pan panoramic images - these low resolution scans donít represent the quality of the originals so I wonít be leaving them on the site permanently.

Getting good shadow detail in Ďphoto-realisticí InkJet prints

This can be a problem, but is easy to correct, given an appropriate test image on which to base an adjustment. Iíve written a short explanation and included a free copy of my own calibration page, which you can download and use.